Loan for Apprentices – Tips to Fund the Training

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Trainee Loan: Use these tips to fund the training

Trainee Loan: Use these tips to fund the training

More and more people in Germany are dependent on short, medium or long-term financing . If the so-called “seriousness” of life begins, trainees are usually not able to cover all their necessary purchases with their own reserves. In addition, even with a future-proof career choice, the starting salary is often far too low. In this phase of life of young people, spending is greater than income. Just moving to another city raises questions about where and how apprentices can get money. In this situation, young people can not always rely on the help of their parents or relatives and are dependent on receiving a trainee loan.

Money in education is important, and such challenges are well planned. It can never hurt to know what the odds are for some extra pocket money. Therefore, there is the possibility for a loan for trainees , with the necessary purchases for rent deposit, car or directly for the training can be easily mastered.


Most important requirement for loan for trainees

First and foremost, your own desire for independent financing should be carefully considered before applying for a loan:

Checklist for the appropriate loan for apprentices:

  • no hidden costs
  • Serious loan provider
  • Transparent calculation and conditions

The consistent search for a suitable bank not only costs a lot of time, but sometimes considerable nerves. To avoid this time dependency, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of the modern digital world and providing themselves with information online over the Internet.


Compare online: The appropriate training loan

Compare online: The appropriate training loan

The online loan combines two essential factors for a successful application. On the one hand, you can get online to many different banks in a very short time, which can take up to several days, if not weeks, in the real world. On the other hand, a digitally transmitted application is equipped with significantly shorter processing times. A particularly useful alternative to the classic bank loan.

Within minutes and without the hassle of paperwork, an online loan is completed quickly and unbureaucratically. With this type of instant loan , another advantage of the virtual world becomes apparent: the payment of the desired loan takes place immediately after the loan application has been approved.


Do not waste time with an online loan for trainees

Do not waste time with an online loan for trainees

The many benefits of online loan for apprentices are obvious. While in a conventional loan application of a bank can take days to process, in the virtual world all applications are completed on the PC and verified online. Even the annoying printing of loan documents is eliminated. It simply can not be more flexible and modern!

  • loan approval received in a few minutes
  • Digital contracts including online identification
  • Payout immediately after digital signature

Fill out your loan application directly on your smartphone, tablet or notebook – the future communicates online. Paper, pen and elaborate credentials are definitely a thing of the past. The future loan deal includes the virtual world. Even your signature will be electronically transmitted via the innovative eSign feature, so that your loan can become legal immediately.


No annoying waiting anymore. No uncertainty. No worries.

The days-long delays to the bank’s response can be nerve-racking, leaving the claimant with a sense of insecurity. An unnecessary circumstance that could be significantly improved by the simplified process of online loan for trainees.

Extensive service offers make this choice the only one right:

  • Online available 24/7
  • Requests are always free & completely anonymous
  • No exchange of paper documents – 100% digital
  • Commitment to the training loan usually immediately


The online loan for apprentices is booming

The online loan for apprentices is booming

It is no coincidence that online loans for apprentices are extremely popular. After all, cheap loans are the biggest competitors for static banking systems. The online business scores not least because of its extremely flexible and individual solutions. Increasingly, loans are being placed online and double-digit growth rates in online lending are no longer a rarity.


loan application directly via smartphone!

loan application directly via smartphone!

As a specialized provider of online loans for trainees, we make it easy to borrow from your smartphone. The growing number of satisfied consumers proves us right. In comparison, scarcely ten percent ago, who have completed their loan online five years ago, the proportion has risen to almost 30 percent and the trend is clearly rising.


The first step on the career path

A loan to trainees is considered a special form of consumer loan. He is often seen in connection with different needs and needs at a young age. Whether student loan , simple loan or car loan – the online loan helps young apprentices in a simple way to explore the first steps into adult life. Very efficient and time-saving can be compared with different providers and checked for your transparency. Much easier are realistic comparisons of various offers.

After all, the start of an independent life can be associated with noticeably higher costs, which usually can not be realized within a few months without help. Having one’s own mobility already presents a number of young people with a great challenge. Apart from financial support of the relatives, a car loan for apprentices in this case, the only sensible and manageable solution. A few years of loan repayment, low interest rates and comparatively low credit sums are popular mechanisms that have since been recognized by recognized banks and purely online institutions. Since so-called collateral for a loan for apprentices does not exist, other basic parameters provide security.


loan for apprentices – Requirements

loan for apprentices - Requirements

If you want to apply for a loan for trainees, you should pay attention to a few points. Check in advance if these requirements apply to you:

Regular income

These include income from the monthly salary, income from leases or leases, interest from assets. NOT to be added assets under 7,600 euros, child allowances, housing allowance and care allowance.


If the probationary period is over and employment in the company is secured for the next few years, nothing stands in the way of your loan application.

Guarantee or vehicle registration at the car financing

Although parents are not absolutely necessary as guarantors after the age of 18 years, with them the receipt of a loan is much easier and the chances of getting a permit increase with good creditworthiness.

Of age & resident in Germany

These two requirements are absolute duty. Without their fulfillment, no lending works.


Punctual payments in the past have a positive effect on your application. An annual information about your personal data, you can catch up regularly.


Request a training loan – this is how it works!

Request a training loan - this is how it works!

The complete digitization of individual processes makes the loan to trainees essentially simpler and manageable. Small loans can be applied quickly and unbureaucratically directly on the smartphone or PC within a few minutes. User-friendly is not possible! In self-explanatory steps, it succeeds completely uncomplicated to successfully process the individual stations:

1. Inform:

All inquiries regarding the valid conditions as well as general information you receive without restriction free of charge. With a few details you will receive your first offer. You decide for yourself whether you like the details and you want to take your car loan for trainees or student loan the decisive step closer.

2. Make a loan application and verify data

In order to process your application as efficiently and quickly as possible, the verification of your data is necessary. For this, you provide us with your current account statements, as well as personal documents per accountant. After that it’s fast! A well-founded analysis makes the swift commitment for the online loan for trainees within a very short time possible.

3. Loan commitment

After successfully evaluating your documents, you will receive a loan approval. They sign the loan agreement with the innovative modern “eSign” technology and get through the fully digitized process from the legitimacy to the legal contract.

Make a loan application now »

Comfortably from the smartphone you can accompany all individual sections and need no paperwork or mail. Save time, money and nerves! Digitalisation in the field of loans for apprentices is part of the future – be part of this success story.


How big are the differences? Online Loan for Apprentices. Classic loan

In terms of various uses, the typical small loan or installment loan is a popular form of daring the beloved step towards absolute freedom. A loan to trainees supports the previously poor in income younger people with initial investment needs.

What has not only taken several days in the classical sense, incidentally, offers considerable cost advantages for you as a consumer. Because now completely transparent comparison of different terms of loans for trainees is just a click away! Not exploiting this groundbreaking option would be the wrong answer to the favored bureaucratic jungle of old banking institutions.


It starts a new era in lending!

Saving is mainstream and has long since arrived in solid and rigid structures such as those of the banks. The wide range of options and offers brings the end customer closer to fair pricing. Nevertheless, the power of the end customer is his free choice. Use them and save yourself not insignificant sums of your money alone through targeted comparison variants.

Online loans for apprentices are becoming increasingly attractive and even minimal differences can mean a big plus in your wallet at the end of the term. For too long, traditional loans and poor comparisons have left large sums of money unused in the banking sector. Start with us in a new era of fair, transparent conditions and benefit from our experience!


Frequently asked questions about the loan for trainees

Frequently asked questions about the loan for trainees

Is it allowed to take out a loan as an apprentice?

Yes, anyone over the age of 18 can take a loan. This includes most apprentices. However, there are usually problems with applying for the loan for apprentices with the conventional banks. These are often too big for the risk of credit default, making it difficult for a trainee to have a loan without a guarantor. Giromatch has partners who also lend to trainees without guarantors. You can also get a loan as an apprentice. The application works quite simply online.

How much loan do you get as an apprentice?

That depends on your education. Basically, there is no limit to the loan to be requested. If the bank gives you the desired amount, nothing fundamentally speaks against it. However, many banks do not provide unsecured loans over 20 times the monthly salary. However, getting a loan of 1000 euros as a trainee should not be a problem.

Is there also a small loan for trainees?

Giromatch also offers small loans for trainees. These are characterized by the simple application, since the default risk for banks is not as high as for larger loans.

Car finance as an apprentice – what are the possibilities?

At the age of 18 at the latest, many people want to get a driver’s license and a suitable car. As a trainee to finance a car is therefore a critical point. With the online loan, it is possible to apply for a loan with or without a vehicle registration (secured or unsecured). This will be clarified in the course of the loan request.


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