Subsidized Loans and Grants from Local Authorities

Posted by Barbara Tomlinson

The search for a good financing plan must pursue two objectives:

  1. First of all, respect the borrower’s needs in terms of duration, modulation and flexibility or monthly repayment.
  2. Allow everyone to benefit from all the help they can claim.

Housing loans of local authorities

Local support for accession It is not uncommon for many loans to finance a property.

Among them, government-regulated supplementary loans obviously occupy a large part.

They depend on the status (public service employee or private employee), the size of the company (more or less 10 employees), the financial situation of the borrower (housing savings) or the level of professional income ( NOT ready).

They are all cumulative. Thus, you can perfectly benefit from a PTZ plus and a business loan for example.

  • The enhanced zero rate loan
  • The social loan
  • The 1% employer loan
  • Housing savings loan
  • The loan dedicated to civil servants

But in addition to government loans for a first-time homeowner, various housing subsidies are offered by many local authorities (municipalities, communities of municipalities and departments). Thus, depending on the city in which you are located, it is possible to benefit from subsidized loans that are generally granted to people with modest incomes in first accession.

The different local loans

Financial aid from the city of Nice

Financial aid from the city of Nice

The capital of the Alpes Maritimes contributes to borrowers who acquire their main residence in the municipality. Reserved for first-time buyers who have benefited from a zero-interest loan from the state, this assistance for accession takes the form of a subsidized loan of 0.50%.

  • The housing loan A Nice

Hauts-de-Seine helps

Hauts-de-Seine helps

Housing loan 92, proposed by the General Council of the Hauts de Seine, was abolished on October 1, 2011. It benefited the tenants of Hauts de Seine and could go up to € 50,000 for a couple’s home with four children dependent.

It has been replaced by a new device voted on March 30, 2012 in force at the moment.

  • Housing loan 92
  • Our complete file on the Hauts-de-Seine housing loan

The PTZ of the city of Paris

The PTZ of the city of Paris

The City of Paris was one of the first local authorities to set up a complementary loan to the state PTZ. In 2010, to help households fight against the effects of the real estate crisis, the municipality voted to double the PPL. This measure was renewed in 2011.

This subsidized loan is reserved for Parisians who acquire their main residence in Paris intramuros. Its amount can amount to 36 300 euros for a single person and 59 400 euros for a couple.

  • The paris housing loan

Support for the first accession of the city of Toulouse

Support for the first accession of the city of Toulouse

The town hall of Toulouse offers residents who have been living in the city for at least a year, financial assistance provided to buy a first home accomodation to make it his main home.

This support to Toulouse is part of a large project to rehabilitate urban areas that has been the subject of three agreements signed with the National Agency for Urban Renovation.

The inhabitants of the pink city can thus benefit from additional financing at 0% up to 12 000 € without counting the various bonuses provided by the device.

  • The first housing loan of the city of Toulouse

Partnership “banks-city of Marseille” for the benefit of first-time buyers

Partnership "banks-city of Marseille" for the benefit of first-time buyers

Distributed jointly by the city of Marseille and the banks that have partnered with the scheme, this financial aid has the particularity of not being paid to the beneficiary but is deducted from its monthly payments over the first ten years. Thus, the borrower sees his debt ratio decrease significantly, which can allows for a real estate project that sometimes would not have been without municipal assistance.

The first housing check of the city of Marseille

The assisted accession of Rennes Métropole


The intercommunality composed by the 37 municipalities of Rennes-Métropole offers financial assistance quite original and quite unique in France. If, like the other local authorities, the agglomeration proposes to give financial support to the candidates for the first-time accession, the latter proposes to lower the purchase price of housing rather than to financing of the property.

For this, it offers a help to land and acquisition. This aid only concerns the purchase of new housing and is reserved for families, ie households with at least one dependent child.

Our file on the assisted accession of Rennes Métropole

The subsidy of the city of Strasbourg

The subsidy of the city of Strasbourg

The Urban Community of Strasbourg sets up a support system that has the merit of simplicity. For all first-time buyers who do not exceed a certain income ceiling, the CUS proposes to distribute a subsidy of up to 4000 euros, provided that the housing follows a few rules. To be in CUS zone and not to exceed certain price levels.

Learn more about the CUS grant

The aid of the City of Lille

The aid of the City of Lille

Lille’s assisted accession is based on agreements signed with some thirty promoters and allowing candidates to benefit from price per m2 capped. In addition, developers must comply with strict specifications, particularly with regard to thermal insulation.